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4Times Meta Fund

Fund facts
Purchase and sale of fund units
Registry fees

4Times Meta Fund is a closed non-public investment fund registered with the Financial Supervision Authority on 21 February 2014.

The fund invests  in the derivative instruments traded in the regulated markets of the United States of America. We focus first and foremost on commodities markets, where the most liquid traded underlying assets are oil, natural gas, precious metals, grains and other futures, and  options related to the respective underlying futures.

In addition to the derivative instruments the fund is also allowed to invest in shares and debentures, and in shares and stocks of other investment funds. You can find the specific overview of the investment policy of the fund in the Terms of the Fund.

Investment in the fund can bring profit, or loss to the investor, and preservation of value of the investment is not guaranteed. The investor must consider that the assets of the fund may be fully invested in the derivative instruments. The investors are not guaranteed profitability of the fund or retention of the initial investment.

The management company is paid only the performance fee, and there is no fixed annual management fee. There are also no fees for subscription to and redemption of fund units.

The income based on increase of the value of assets of the fund is not reinvested, but regularly paid to the investors.

Investment in the fund can be made quarterly. Minimum amount of investment in 4Times Meta Fond is 50,000 euro.